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Our Dogs

To find out more about each dog, click on their picture or name.

Orion Rowdy of Orion Kennel

Our “rowdy” Rowdy.  He has become my agility dog.  I think he only likes it because of the treats!  He is coming along great and we can’t wait to get to the shows.



Seagull Beetle Bailey of Orion Kennel

Bailey is our female and mother to Rowdy and Elvis. She has consistently had puppies who have done well in the conformation ring as well as in hunting and go-to-ground. She is a great mother and wonderful friend.

Snap, well, Snap is Snap and loves life and everything in it.  He is such a fun dog to have around.  Between Snap and Rowdy we don’t know who is more of a clown.



Timber Ridge Isabeau of Orion Kennel

Izzy is a small little girl, full of life, and loves to hunt! We can't wait to get her into the field.








Mach One Calamity Jane of Orion Kennel

The newest addition to our family, Libby, loves to play and is very independent.




















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