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Congratulations to Seagull Beetle Bailey of Orion Kennel for earning her Bronze Medallion!!!

After years of working together in the field, Cindi and Bailey have now been awarded the highest honor a Jack Russell Terrier can earn, the JRTCA Bronze Medallion for Special Merit in the field!

Read below about Bailey's and Cindi's adventures!


Natural Hunting Certificate to Racoon, Working Judge Stephanie Poppe, December 14, 2002, Kansas 

"Bailey worked herself into a den on a creek hillside and began baying after a couple minutes.  Owner located her at about 7 feet.  Began digging down to her and after about 20 minutes the raccoon started moving and Bailey kept putting pressure on and eventually pushed coon out the top hole of the two hole den.  We grabbed the coon as it bolted and dispatched it.  Bailey worked very well and put enough pressure to move coon out." from Bailey's NHC form


Stephanie, Cindi, Bailey and her racoon!

Cindi, Bailey, a live possum and a very brave Deb!

Natural Hunting Certificate to Possum, Working Judge Debby Calloway, February 21, 2004, Tennessee

"Bailey located and entered a 2-hole sette in the woods adjacent to a pasture.  With great effort and excitement she excavated the tunnel and steadily worked forward.  Eventually, she reached a point past which she could not advance.   We located her and opened the tunnel to assist advancement.  She began to whine while furiously digging forward.  Within minutes, Bailey opened up and began baying.  She held steady to this as we located her at 2 feet and dug to discover her sparring and engaging an opossum.  Bailey did an excellent job and deserves her NHC." from Bailey's NHC form



Natural Hunting Certificate to Groundhog, Working Judge Jan Bell, July 31, 2005, Virginia 

"While hunting in a large, uncut hayfield, Bailey entered a multi-holed sette.  She immediately began to bay.  We listened to Bailey steady baying and moving the quarry through the tunnel.  After a few moments, a large hog bolted.  Bailey was right on his tail.  He entered another sette and Bailey followed him right in.  After a few minutes when Bailey  had stopped moving the quarry, Cindi located her about 2 feet below ground.  As we began to dig, Bailey put more pressure on the hog and it bolted again.  We grabbed Bailey before she could follow him to another sette.  Bailey did a great job and deserves her NHC." from Bailey's NHC form


Jim, Kris, and Jan in the field

A VERY tired Bailey after the hunt!

Nakita is on her way! Read below       about her NHC!





Congratulations to Orion Nakita for earning her Natural Hunting Certificate to groundhog under working judge Jeff Rowe in Tennessee in March 2004!  To the right, Jeff, the groundhog, Cindi and Nakita!

Nakita was in the ground for an hour and 45 minutes working this groundhog!  Way to stick with it!  Here she is to the left fighting the groundhog!
To the right, Orion Nakita and a monster rat!  No one believed that there was anything in the mass of holes Nakita was working along a creek, but she proved us wrong!

More hunting fun below!


To the left, a VERY brave Mary Beth holding a live possum!  Thanks to Deb and Mary Beth for taking me hunting!
Two great friends, Orion Rowdy (right) and Hunter of Hat Creek Kennel (left), after a hunt in Texas.
Bailey's view of a coon.  Photo courtesy of working judge Stephanie Poppe, aka, the only woman we know crazy enough to stick her head and hand into a hole to take this picture!

Above, the coon that wouldn't die, held by Cindi, and Team Normakita (Norma Jean and Nakita) held by Heather.



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